Chrysanthemum 'Purple Mist'

This lovely lavender-purple single mum came our way via our friend Wayne Mezitt, whose family has run Weston Nursery for decades. Pinch back by the Fourth of July for a more compact habit in autumn, otherwise plants will have a more billowy 3′ure.

Chrysanthemum 'Lomasi'

One of the last plants to bloom in our garden, this chance seedling Chrysanthemum has delicious coral red petals surrounding a central golden disc on 2-3′ stems (but can be kept more compact if you pinch hard in late June/early July). Grow in well

Chrysanthemum 'Froggy'

No St. Patrick’s Day dyes here. Limey green pompoms top 2-3′ stems in October and November, but pinching back in late June will keep plants on the shorter side. Love the way the flowers develop pink/ruby tones as the flowers age. Plant in

Nipponanthemum nipponicum

Formerly Chrysanthemumipponicum, this shrubby member of the Daisy family is a ubiquitous plant in the seaside gardens of southern New England. White daisies adorn 2-3′ tall plants that will pretty much die back for the winter. Cut back hard in

Perennial Chrysanthemum Collection

These 3 Perennial Chrysanthemums have stood the test of time in our gardens and add fresh color to the October garden. From top clockwise, ‘Sheffield’ (sometimes known as ‘Sheffield Apricot’) has single peachy pink daisies, ‘October

Chrysanthemum 'Lavender Mist'

This semi-double Perennial Chrysanthemum was shared with us by Wayne Mezitt of Weston Nurseries fame. Many petaled lavender 2-3″ daisies appear in October. Stems can reach a willowy 3′, but you can have more compact plants (with more flower

Chrysanthemum 'Hannah's Double'

Here is a Chrysanthemum that hastood the test of time. This double creamy-white number was given to us by a client, who told ushe had retrieved it from her grandmother’s property years ago. Flowers can form as early as lateummer, andtems

Chrysanthemum 'Sheffield'

Perennial Chrysanthemums are essential for the grand finale floral display of the autumn garden, and if you have room for only one perennial Chrysanthemum, it should be ‘Sheffield’, (sometimes known as ‘Sheffield Pink’ or ‘Sheffield

Chrysanthemum 'Will's Wonderful'

We collect the truly perennial Chrysanthemums, which are most often single daisies, produced in profusion at season’s end. Will’s Wonderful offers 1″ single daisies, creamy yellow to strawberry colored petals opening from a deep red