Design & Installation

We design and install gardens that capture the spirit of the setting, using stunning multi-season plants and stonework…

Contouring Slopes

Properties with dramatic grade changes present challenges, but offer opportunities. New Englanders cherish their native stone by embracing its beauty and use in the landscape. Native stone, in its many forms, can contour a comfortable transition across your slopes, while adding a feeling of history and permanence to the land.

Dry Stone Walls

New England would be a very different landscape without the dry stone farm walls that evoke its namesake. Whether formal or rural in character, we use our native stone to craft walls in the building traditions of the British Isles. The spirit of stone will make your home a place that you long to be.

Pollinator Gardens

A garden is so much more than pretty flowers; it is the environment where life happens. We select plants that will welcome birds, butterflies and all other pollinators throughout the seasons. While their activities add motion and beauty to your setting, their lives are essential to a thriving ecosystem.

Custom Designed and Planted Containers

A custom-designed container garden, in a beautiful pot, adds all-season interest to your garden, patio, terrace, or deck. We plan for a container, planted in June, to be even more outrageously beautiful in September. The key is selecting easy-care plants that suit the cultural conditions you have…, and if you have lots of sun, may we recommend succulents?

Your Point of View

As the light descends, those of us who are not snowbirds, gather ourselves inside, gazing out our windows, longing for color. Our landscape designs consider, not just what, but where you view in late autumn, winter and early spring. Plants that provide food and cover for bird activity, which keeps our gardens full of life, also nourish our souls.

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July & August Hours M-F 9-4,  Sat 9-1pm.

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