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Our challenge

When our California clients toured us around the New England vacation home they use during summers and winter holidays, we learned that what they wanted most was a garden landscape of constant color in the summer months, as well as a bit of year round appeal. For this small lot, the client also requested an enclosure- something without hedges- that would still attract passersby with windows into the garden.

Our solution

When creating a color scheme, we first considered the house itself, selecting plantings that highlight the bright chartreuse, lemon and coral orange of the home's decor. We chose plants including Dahlia and Coleus for their gorgeous salmon and yellow hues, and we planted seductive, plumy flowers like the white Persicaria- a bloom sure to lengthen summer evenings before heading inside.

With neighboring homes in close proximity, we took care to design a border for this oasis that provided privacy and even more beauty. Borders boast pops of bold color from a mix of annuals and perennials, and soothing evergreens add year round form to the space without secluding it. They also supply festive material for winter cuttings, all in one serene space expertly designed to meet the seasonal needs of its owners.

  • Persicaria polymorpha
  • Gomphrena 'Fireworks'
  • Coleus 'Big Blond'