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Antique Stone Walls & Structures

Design With Us

Our challenge

On this stunning site of traditional New England architecture and stonework, we set out to repair and install various stonebased elements. The best stone work captures the essence of its storied history and also suggests a single, seamless vision from start to finish. It was just as important to use traditional building processes, to ensure the completion of stone structures that will endure for decades.

Our solution

To begin, we examined similar older structures in the area, looking to replicate the materials, processes, and forms we found. When it was time to start construction, we used as much of the existing, sitespecific stone as we were able. We also handpicked all of the offsite stone, selecting pieces with similar form, color and texture to the original.

With daily onsite direction from Chris, our master dry stone artisan, we worked our way through projects including walls, footpaths, and bridges. In keeping with traditional approaches to process and form, we practiced more detailed work on the property's stone walls, which are physically closer to residential buildings. More distant projects like the footpath and the bridge were constructed with large scale stone that assumes a powerful, sylvan quality.