Aloe, Haworthia, Gasteria and their hybrids

It’s no surprise that as your plant obsession grows,  you begin to find the more exotic, curious and sometimes bizarre selections the most interesting, and perhaps most beautiful.  Aloe, Haworthia and Gasteria fit that bill us. A number of years

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Once spring arrives, our gardens and nursery will be open more days per week in 2020. We plan to devote more time to building new gardens our property and offer more how-to chats and workshops. Expect to find many plants (read on...)

Container Report: late September 2020

Two words sum up this summer’s weather here along the coast of southern New England: hot and dry.  Here at the end of September, our parched gardens are still waiting for the rain predictions to materialize.  Sigh. The gardens are looking tarnished 

Demystifying Seed Collecting: Harvesting, Storing and Sharing

It started with a nasturtium seed in a paper cup. Oh so many years ago, my first grade teacher instructed her classroom of 6-year olds how to plant the round nubby seeds. Within a week or 2, the first beautiful leaves broke through the soil. I have been

Houseplants' Summer Vacation is Almost Over

Doesn’t it happen so suddenly? One week temperatures are in the 80’s with nights still mild, and then one morning you wake up to find that the overnight temperatures dropped below 50F.  If your tropical houseplants have spent the summer outdoors,

Abutilon 'Dwarf Red'

Are you looking for something different for a fall display in yourtainers? Check out Abutilon ‘Dwarf Red’ celebrates autumn with multitudes of dark orange flowers, and can, if brought indoors and kept in a sun filled space, willtinue

Vitex agnus-castus 'Shoal Creek'

Why plant Buddleia when you can grow Vitex?  Mid summer blue-lavender fragrant spires begin in July and carry on through August on bushy plants with attractive palmate foliage. Here in the northeast, our colder winters don’t allow plants to become

Phlox paniculata 'Jeana'

I’ll give you 3 reasons why youhould have ‘Jeana’, a Summer Panicle Phlox, in your garden. 1. Long-blooming tresses of manymall lilacized florets, on 4-5′tems, adorn this plant from mid July-September. 2. The foliage is

Container Series 2020

Here we go…the first of a series of container ensembles for 2020. If you’ve followed our postings from previous years, you may remember that our goal is to plant up  containers in June which will be easy to maintain and still look fabulous