September Report: Successful Containers

I have always thought that what makes great visual art is when an object or painting compels you to look at it again and again. I feel the same way about plants and gardens, and containers. Of course, plants are constantly changing, so plantings are ephemeral compositions. Perhaps that’s why we want to take in their beauty all the more. Here are some planted containers that have looked good all summer, and still do in mid September.

Large Succulent Bowl on a pedestal, perhaps more beautiful than ever.

Composed of odds and ends succulents left over from last season, this ensemble has married well.

Aeonium ‘Schwartkop’ was the highlight of this tall river pot.

Syngonium ‘Neon’, an easy and lovely shade foliage plant.

Begonia ‘Chocolate Pink’ with Pilea and Cissus discolor

Peachy Abutilon ‘Harvest Moon’, with the adorable curly Spider Plant and a white Syngonium…great, easy pot for partial shade.

The Chocolate Mimosa Tree, Albizzia ‘Summer Chocolate’, makes a fast growing subject for container, adding height, texture, and dark coloring.

We did a posting of some planted containers in early July. A number of these containers sold, and we hear they still look smashing. As you can see, it’s mostly about foliage. What are your favorite container combinations from this season?

5 thoughts on “September Report: Successful Containers”

  1. STUNNING! Absolutely LOVE the two succulent planters! Wish I could grow them here, but it’s TOO hot and sunny even for succulents 🙁
    By the way, how do make sure those top two can drain? Did you have to drill holes? Or is the cement porous enough? THANKS!

  2. I agree. We just have to have patience. I didn’t look so spectalar at first, so I placed it out of the limelight. then by mid July, Voila!

  3. Yes there are drainage wholes in both containers. The cast stone is somewhat porous, plus we always use a sandy fast draining soil mix, and with so many plants in a container, wet soil hasn’t been a problem.

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