Summer Containers…the before shots

Each year in recent history,  I have been documenting with images some of the containers I plant up here at Avant Gardens. I like to take images within a few weeks of planting, and then again in September. The September shots will show which containers still look incredible. Plant selections with minimal care requirements are used  in each of these groupings. Below, you will find combinations for shade, part shade and sun.

For shade/pt. shade:

Begonia ‘Concorde’ with Cissus discolor,  Stromanthe ‘Tricolor’ and Pilea

Begonia thurstonii, with Coleus ‘Odalisque’ and Begonia ‘MK Elegance’

Begonia ‘MK Elegance’ with Hedera ‘Little Diamond’

Coleus ‘Limon Blush’, Begonia ‘Chocolate Red’ and Oxalis ‘Copper Glow’

for part shade/sun:

For sun or part shade: Xanthosoma ‘Lime Zinger‘ with Coprosma ‘Marbel Queen’Pelargonium tomentosum and a purple leaved Tradescantia 

for sun:

Eucomis ‘Sparking Rosy’ with Oxalis triangularis, Helichrysum ‘Limelight’ and Tradescantia ‘Blue Sue’

Fan favorite: Classic Bowl with Mixed Succulents

Senecio cylindricus dominates this large basalt bowl (22″)

30″ ceramic trough with Senecio ‘Blazing Glory’, Echeveria, various SedumSenecio talinodes  & Sedeveria

My favorite pot with Aeonium, Euphorbia and Echeveria

 Closeup:  Aeonium ‘Schwartkop’ with Kalanchoe, Echeveria & Sedum morganianum

The vertical garden was planted in late March, and now little  Delosperma ‘Firespinner’ is beginning to flower

Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ with Phormium ‘Pink Stripe’ and Dichondra

You can mix succulents with other plants which don’t mind dry conditions (like the combination above). Even though we have had an unusually large amount of rainfall lately in the northeast , all of our succulents and begonias are still thriving because we use a sandy well drained soil mix.  If you use a regular or rich potting soil, you chance disappointment from plants rotting away.

Check back in September, when I post the “after” shots!

11 thoughts on “Summer Containers…the before shots”

  1. These are so beautiful – you are gifted ‘plant painters’.

    How do you deal with squirrels and chipmunks and your lovely pots? My sedum trough often falls victim.

  2. so creative and experimental…thank you for the inspirations.

  3. Your vertical garden is truly a work of art! Your creative combinations are such an inspiration as well. I look forward to visiting you one day soon.

  4. I’m rooting for the container with Limon Blush, which you sent as an extra with my order this spring. I had never seen or heard of that particular coleus, but it is a standout. Here in the Baltimore area, we have very hot summers, so I have learned to love coleus for its ability to thrive in heat and humidity. I’ve got mine in a container that faces south and gets a lot of sun; Limon Blush just glows! I couldn’t figure out what to plant with it it, but, thanks to your photo, I see that oxalis is the answer!

  5. Why don’t my containers look so pretty!?! I suspect it’s because you’re experts 🙂
    The first one, Begonia, Cissus, Stromanthe and Pilea, is so beautiful – I’m going to try that combo next year. All the rest are really great too, and the vertical garden is so lovely. Mine never seem to get enough water and nutrients.

  6. Dear Avant gardens,

    In the picture with the large basalt bowl with senicio, are some wonderful basalt ? bird statues. Do you sell them, or can you tell me where to buy them ?

    Sincerely, Lisa Schwarz

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