Plantiful inspires Garden Abundance


Plantiful, the term Kristin Green coined for the title of her new book, should be entered in the New York Times Magazine’’s “That should be a word” column. In a word it perfectly describes the lushness and exuberance that the best gardens display. Plantiful’’s byline, ““start small, grow big with 150 plants that spread, self sow and overwinter“” is especially encouraging for new gardeners on a budget, yet it provides worthy information for seasoned gardeners too.

In just over 200 pages, Green, an interpretive horticulturist  at Blithewold Mansion Gardens and Arboretum in Bristol RI, describes how to make more plants from what you already have. She packs in all types of propagating tips for home gardeners and answers the important questions on what to do when, where and how to do it. She goes on to list 150 plants that will easily multiply in your gardens.

Green espouses a give and take philosophy on gardening, allowing for the garden’’s abundance when plants spread or self sow, but cautions that when you have too much of a good thing, you must edit. This is an important lesson once you’’ve created a garden, and it is often a tough decision for the new gardener, who is still so thankful that plants survive. Take heart that there are alternatives to tossing surplus plants when your garden gives back too much: plant swap with friends or place in a holding bed until you find a new home for this progeny (hmm……reminds me of how our nursery  got started).

There are many good photographs to illustrate Green’’s prose, taken in various gardens including her own, the beautiful grounds of Blithewold, and there’’s even a few images taken here at Avant Gardens. (Disclosure: Kris and I have been horticultural chums for at least a decade.)

Plantiful will inspire you. It will make you a passionate plantsman (woman) if you’’re not already one. Use it as a primer for creating your intimate haven, where the generous nature of the garden will be your partner in its serendipitous design.

Plantiful. By Kristin Green. Published by Timber Press, available online or better yet, ask your local book seller. If it’’s not in stock, I’’m sure the proprietor will order a copy for you, and stock the shelves with additional copies. Kristin also posts amusing and informative garden essays on her blog Trench Manicure.

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