Two Plants to add a little Fall Excitement

All summer long Plectranthus ciliatus masquerades as a khaki-colored Coleus. Come early autumn, all of a sudden floral spikes extend and open up into chunky spires of lavender-blue flowers.  It does need to be protected from frost. but we’ve solved this problem by covering plants with a blanket on those pre-Indian Summer nights when the temperatures dip. Easy peasy to grow indoors for the winter, as it can get by with indoor lighting.

Folks always admire this succulent Senecio early in the season for its display of blue-gray tufts of foliage. However, when late summer rolls around flowering stalks emerge and open up to showy 1″ red-orange buttons. Use Senecio ‘Blazing Glory in a pot by itself or mix with other succulent goodies. Yes, it is a plant that needs protection from frosts., but it is super easy indoors on a sunny window sill.


4 thoughts on “Two Plants to add a little Fall Excitement”

  1. I really enjoy receiving your blog. I’m now mainly a GH gardener, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love news about my former avocation…gardening big time in Francestown, NH. I read every word you send me with pleasure, sooooo please keep me on your list!

    Meredeth Allen
    Peterborough, NH

  2. Nancy, bring inside and keep in a bright window. If the plant is very large, you can cut it back to reduce size, or take cuttings from nonflowering shoots. It roots easily in wither a light soil mix or in a glass of water.

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