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Fragrant Perennials

Dictamnus albus albiflorus

This garden classic is not seen as often in gardens as it once was…perhaps it is a little slow to get established, but it will be long lived and care free for years. Dictamnus only asks for well drained soil and lots of sun. Legend has it that the aging flowers and seed pods emit a volatile oil which will ignite if you light a match close by, thus the common name. Do be careful, of course, if you try this. It should also be noted that some with sensitive skin may develop rash if they come in contact. The form albiflorus has white flowers which are set off nicely by the medium green aromatic glossy foliage. Grow 2-3' tall and 2' wide.
Genus Dictamnus
Common Name Gasplant
Hardiness Zone 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Light Requirements Part Sun, Full Sun
Seasonal Interest Spring, Summer
Season of Blooming Summer
Use Specimen
Special Attributes Pollinator Friendly, Butterfly Attracting, Hummingbird Attracting, Deer Resistant, Cold Hardy, Easy Care, Fragrant, Heirloom
Color White