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Phlebodium pseudoaureum

Blue Rabbit's Foot Fern
(formerly Polypodium areolatum). Phlebodium pseudoaureum has an almost prehistoric thing happening with its foliage…Irregularly and softly lobed in a lovely shade of blue green. It is adaptable to soil , but doesn't seem t mind being on the dry said or confined to a container, making it a very attractive houseplant. aSpreads by stolons led by fuzzy amber brown "rabbit's feet". Grows 12-20" tall, and is hardy in zones 8b-11.
Genus Phlebodium
Common Name Blue Rabbit's Foot Fern
Hardiness Zone 8, 9, 10
Light Requirements Part Sun, Full Shade
Seasonal Interest Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Use House Plant, Ornamental, Container
Special Attributes Heat Tolerant, Easy Care, Foliage Interest
Color Blue, Blue-Green, Blue-Gray