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Browalia americana


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We created the category True Annuals to distinguish annual seed strains from “tender perennials”.  Annuals grow quickly from seed once night temperatures stays above 60F and the longer days of late spring take hold. 

We have always grown the old fashioned seed annuals like Nicotiana, Browalia americana, etc. and have had them available for nursery shoppers. This year we will be offering a selection of seed grown annuals in 2.5” x 3.5” plant tubes for mail order shipping as well. Each unit equals 3 plants. If you want a total of 6 plants, order 2 units…etc.

There is a small window when these plants can be safely shipped: the end of May and early June.  We will have a final update list of selections by early April. Click to be notified when the list is complete.

For years, we have grown this charming true blue annual Browalia as a filler plant in sunny or partially shaded planting bed. Commonly called Amethyst Flower, it puts on an admirable show until frost. Plants often self sow, but you may not discover seedlings until late June. This can be a blessing…these self sown progeny will provide you with a fresh round of gorgeous blue color by midsummer. For insurance, we always start seed indoors in mid spring so we’re not caught without them. Browalia is native to Central America.


Exposure: Sun/Part Shade

QTY 3 2.5 x 3″ pots

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