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Melinis nerviglumis


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Ruby Grass is really truly one of the prettiest ornamental grasses ever, especially when seen backlit. Blue-green leaves form tidy clumps and in mid-late summer, ruby pink inflorescences are formed on 18-24” stems. It likes full sun and heat, and although somewhat drought tolerant, it prefers average moisture conditions. Besides offering a casual elegance to planting beds or containers, Ruby Grass is a stunning addition to floral arrangements both fresh and dried.

Melinis is native to South Africa, and is evergreen where hardy (in zones 8-10). It grows quickly to flower in areas with warm summers so don’t hesitate to use it as a featured annual. Clumps can be wintered over in a cold frame or protected spot that stays above freezing.

Exposure: Sun

Zones: 8-10

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