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Sarcococca hookeriana var humilis 'Fragrant Mountain'

Sweet Box
'Fragrant Mountain' Sweet Box with its small white blossoms offers the gift of fragrance in late-late winter and early spring. A low broadleaf evergreen shrub, it grows 1+2' tall and spreads by stolons to a width of 2' or more. 'Fragrant Mountian' is the hardiest form f Sweet Box', but it should be sited in a protected spot in the colder parts of zones 6 and 7. We plan to us it in containers with hellebores and pansies for an early spring display. Shipping QT. pots. Also known as the form Sarsid2.
Genus Sarcococca
Common Name Sweet Box
Hardiness Zone 6, 7, 8, 9
Light Requirements Part Sun
Seasonal Interest Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Season of Blooming Winter, Spring
Color White